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Looking for answers about CBD products? You’re in the right place! Our comprehensive FAQ section is here to help you learn more about CBD and how it can improve your daily life. Whether you are new to the world of CBD or already experienced with our products, we provide clear, accurate and informative answers to the most frequently asked questions.

In this section, we’ll cover everything from what exactly CBD is, how it’s produced, to the different ways you can use it. Our goal is to not only provide you with the best CBD products, but also to help you make an informed choice that suits your personal needs and lifestyle.

What is CBD?
CBD is the abbreviation for 'cannabidiol'. Cannabidiol is one of the 104 substances from the hemp of the cannabis plant. In addition to CBD, there are many other interesting substances derived from the cannabis plant. For example, there is more and more scientific research into substances such as CBN and CBG. In addition to cannabidiol, the best-known substance is 'THC', which, unlike CBD, can cause a psychoactive reaction, or a high feeling. The body has a so-called endocannabinoid system, through which the body also produces cannabinoids itself. This system is involved, for example, in the regulation of all kinds of psychological processes, but also in the maintenance of energy balance, sleep, metabolism and appetite.
Who may use CBD?
CBD is suitable for people of all ages, including children. CBD is not psychoactive. CBD is also very suitable for animals, such as dogs, cats and horses. We do not recommend using CBD products if you are pregnant. There is little research into the influence of CBD on an unborn baby or pregnant woman.
Why doesn't our website describe the benefits and effects of CBD?
CBD products have a 'Novel product status'. This means that these are new foods or ingredients that have not previously been sold as foodstuffs within the European Union (EU). Therefore, Eureleaf is not allowed to make medical claims about CBD-related products unless they are listed in the EU database. If you have any questions about any of the Eureleaf products, please contact us.
What is the difference between CBD oil and cannabis oil?
It is legal to consume and freely trade CBD oil in most European countries. There is therefore a substantial difference between CBD oil and cannabis oil. Eureleaf products contain less than 0.05% THC, while cannabis oil nicknamed 'THC oil' contains higher percentages of THC. THC oil is therefore more often used for recreational use, while CBD oil consists of a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. THC oil or cannabis oil is therefore illegal in most countries. With CBD oil you can therefore simply participate in traffic and there will be no mental habituation. CBD oil is therefore not addictive. Definitions: CBD oil or hemp oil is legal in the Netherlands. Cannabis oil or THC oil is illegal in the Netherlands.
Does CBD contain gluten or allergens?
Gluten: CBD oil does not contain gluten. Eureleaf CBD oil consists of hemp extract on a water-based basis, or hemp seed, olive oil or MCT oil. Allergens: CBD oil does not contain any allergens. The liposomal CBD cream does contain allergens. This may contain traces of soya.
Are Eureleaf products organic?
It is not possible for CBD-related products to obtain an BIO quality mark or SKAL certification. This is due to the status of CBD as a 'Novel product'. This means that Eureleaf may not make any claims about these products.
CBD oil or capsules?
In order for CBD to be quickly absorbed into the body, we recommend dripping CBD under the tongue and swallowing it after 30 seconds. CBD is a large molecule that is broken down by the enzymes of the mouth. CBD oil is not necessarily 'tasty', which is why people often choose to mix CBD oil into food or juice. CBD in capsule form is therefore a good solution. Eureleaf also offers 'water-soluble' or water-based CBD. In this product, the large CBD particles have been reduced in size so that the CBD can be absorbed more quickly into the body.
Can the color or taste of CBD differ?
The color, taste or substance of CBD oil may differ per batch you order from Eureleaf. Eureleaf's CBD products are of natural origin, which means that they depend on the growth of the hemp plants. Climate, soil and plant species play a role here. Eureleaf does not use chemicals to chemically process the CBD, so in addition to color, taste and smell, the composition of cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. may also differ. To assure you of the CBD composition in the batch you purchased, you can find a Certificate of Analysis (COA) by scanning the QR code on your box.
What should I pay attention to when purchasing CBD?
CBD oil has become increasingly famous in recent years. There are many providers and brands on the market. We recommend that you look carefully at the terms and conditions and information that companies make available about the company and the products they offer. In addition to (product) information, Eureleaf makes a 'Certificate of Analysis' (COA) available for each produced batch, so that customers can view the composition of the CBD they have purchased. Eureleaf also works according to the highest international standards in the field of Food Safety and Food Defense. Our company procedures are drawn up in accordance with FSSC 22000 and even though Eureleaf was founded in 2023, we aim to be officially FSSC 2200 certified by 2024.
Can CBD be used during pregnancy?
We do not recommend using CBD products if you are pregnant. We also advise against using CBD if you are breastfeeding. There is little research into the influence of CBD on an unborn baby or pregnant woman.
What is the recommended daily amount of CBD?
The amount of CBD per day depends on the amount of CBD that Eureleaf products contain. You will find the recommended daily amount in the package leaflet. It's good to know that everyone reacts differently to CBD. We therefore recommend starting with a low dose (1 drop). The use of CBD must be built up, which is why we recommend using CBD for at least two weeks for good effect. It is important that you listen to your own body, if you have any doubts about the dosage or CBD in combination with medicines, it is important to consult your doctor. Eureleaf may not provide medical advice.
How long can CBD be stored?
Eureleaf recommends storing CBD in a cool and dark place. When CBD is stored correctly, the oil has a shelf life of at least 1 year.
Can CBD be used in combination with medications?
Eureleaf may not provide medical advice. For questions about medication in combination with CBD, we advise you to contact your doctor or pharmacist.
When can I expect my order?
Orders from the Netherlands Eureleaf sends its orders via PostNL. If you order before 3:00 PM on a working day, your orders will be shipped the same day. It is then up to PostNL to deliver the package to you as quickly as possible. This usually happens one working day later. If we ship your order on Friday, it can also be delivered on Saturday. You can trace your package via the track & trace code that you receive from PostNL via email*. *Add our email address to your trusted email address file. This prevents the mail from ending up in the ''junk mail'' or ''unimportant mail'' box. If you are not at home on the day of delivery, your package will be delivered to your neighbors or offered again the next working day. After the second delivery moment, your package will be delivered to a collection point near you. If you have not heard anything from PostNL two working days after the planned delivery date, please contact us. However, please do so within 30 days of our shipping date.
How can I return my products?
You may return your products to Eureleaf within 14 days. Return rules: Please include your name and order number with your return. Do not return products that have already been opened. Our products are sealed and we cannot refund products that have been opened. After we have received your return and the requirements have been met, we will transfer the purchase amount back to you within 14 days. Return address: Eureleaf B.V. Parkweg 115 7545 MV Enschede
Which payment methods does the webshop use?
In the webshop you can pay with ApplePay, iDEAL and credit card. Would you like to use a different payment method? Please contact us.
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